Top 10 the most essential tips on how to make sushi

Top 10 sushi making tips

Check out our top 10 tips for sushi makers out there.

If you make your own sushi, you simply have to check it out!

1) Presentationis half the story. Make sure you arrange the sushi in an interesting layout on nice porcelain plate, or a sushi boat if you have one.

2) Experimentwith sauce. Sure, sushi should be served with a small plate of soy sauce, but have you tried Teriyaki, Sesame Oil, Unagi or Ponzu sauce,

3) Usea sharp and long knife for the cutting. Wipe the knife and keep it wet in between cuts.

4) Alwayskeep a bowl of water and a kitchen towel close to you when making sushi.

5) Becreative! The strangest combinations work well with sushi. Have you ever tried adding fish roe, pate or pineapple to your sushi?

6) Planyour quantities right, it’s a shame to throw away good food. 1 cup of sushi rice should be enough for 3 medium size rolls. If you are buying fish you should get about 75gr of fish per roll. Among my guests, the average person consumes 2 rolls in one sitting.

7) Ifyou are having trouble cutting the roll without everything falling apart, try laying a piece of saran tape on the roll and cut through it. That should help holding things together.

8) Onlyuse raw fish if the seller or packaging specifically states it meant to be consumed raw, and make sure it’s kept cool right until processing and consumption. If not sure, or if it’s your first time making sushi, there are plenty of alternatives.

9) Assoon as the nori is out of it’s case, roll quickly. A moisture absorbed nori doesn’t stick as well.

10) Youcan’t have raw fish if you are pregnant!

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